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10153754_10203969113936250_1703760801903337108_nMichale Watson,  C.E.O

Michale Watson is the President and owner of South Florida Gold. South Florida Gold Basketball, the newest ABA (American Basketball Association) Professional Team.

South Florida Gold is a community-based and fan-driven professional basketball league.

In Mr. Watson’s own words: “Our goal is to have the whole family out for an evening of fun and entertainment.”

Michale or Mike as he is casually known, started his business career in 1988, after serving in the United States Navy, learning invaluable skills and forming a lifelong dedication to discipline and management’s organizational development. Mike’s leadership skills were displayed early in life, when he was awarded the youngest factory

distributor at the age of 23, in the Scott and Fetzer’s corporation, owned by Warren Buffet.



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